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Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s daughter, is dating Pete Davidson, the lothario/probable drug addict from Saturday Night Live that seems to be having the time of his life squiring beautiful women including Ariana Grande, Margaret Qualley and Kate Beckinsale. So what is it about this guy? Could it be his unusual astrology chart? Or a good publicist? We do know this.

Pete Davidson has five planets in Scorpio — Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. He embodies all the characteristics of that sign to the max. He’s sexy, dominating, jealous, and secretive. With a Capricorn Moon, he’s also charming and deadly. His predictive Mars is currently sextiling Saturn, not a bad aspect. So chances are he’s not going to do anything to anyone as he has himself to deal with first. He’s just enjoying the moment(s) and battling his own issues.

Cindy Crawford is a super Pisces with five planets — Sun/Mercury/Moon/Mars/Saturn. It really is the battle of Virgo vs. Scorpio. Water vs. Water. But how much of a fight is this going to be? It’s how do you feel? No, how do you feel? Cindy is the world’s bleeding heart with so much Pisces so she isn’t trying to keep Pete away from her daughter for any superficial reason. With her predictive Mars squaring her natal Venus, she is genuinely worried her daughter is in over her head.

But everyone calm down. Cindy is just beginning a Jupiter period with predictive Sun sextile Jupiter. And Pete has no negative predictive planets. Kaia is so young her chart really hasn’t started to move yet. These people are okay. For now.

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