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I just read where Michael Moore is predicting that Trump will win the 2020 election if the Democrats don’t get a candidate that people are excited about. Astrology, using the Xtrology method, totally agrees. The cycle Trump is currently in and will be in November 2020 is the best energy one could have. His predictive Mercury is trine to natal Jupiter and trine to natal Pluto creating a Grand Fire Jupiter Trine. Some of the other Jupiter possibilities are Kamala Harris (who recently dropped out), Tom Steyer (who isn’t catching on), and Oprah and Hillary (who aren’t running). And my choice, Gavin Newsom who also isn’t running. But there is another possibility that I’m a little excited about.

Andrew Yang is a Capricorn with his Moon/Mercury/Venus in Aquarius. His Mars is in Sagittarius and he has Capricorn rising. He also has a Grand Water Trine which makes his intuition extremely accurate. The only focal planet is right and wrong Pluto. No red flags for this guy. He’s not a nut. And Capricorns are extremely good at running things.

Andrew Yang doesn’t currently have the preferred Jupiter aspect, but he had it recently — two years ago. And the only negative since is an inconjunct which is not a hard aspect. Therefore the energy of Jupiter is still his. And transiting Pluto/Saturn are sitting right on his Sun. That’s power. He can debate Trump, he can stir up the millennials and, most importantly, he can create enough excitement to win.

We either wake up or we risk Donald Trump getting a second term. This guy is a narcissist. Of all the personality disorders, there are only two that can’t learn from their mistakes — sociopaths/psychopaths and narcissists. They have no conscience. They do not see the world the same way normal people see it. Trump doesn’t recognize when he is doing something illegal. He believes he has the right to do it. People like him because he doesn’t follow the rules. But he’s not a rulebreaker. He’s insane.

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