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Justin Timberlake fucked up. He got caught touching Alisha Wainwright in public (get your own guy. This one is taken) while also being noticeable inebriated. Remember he is married to the beautiful Jessica Biel. So not a good look for him. And let’s make this clear, it’s beyond disrespectful. It’s one thing to cheat on your wife. But in public? That’s just another layer of painful. Well, he did, finally as this story was dying, apologize to her. Late. But better late than never. But what’s really going on?

Justin is an Aquarius Sun/Mars. His Moon is in Sagittarius so he can be very outspoken although he isn’t known for that. Conjuncted to his Moon is Neptune so his Moon has a Pisces vibe. And this is important because Jessica is Pisces. It’s a connection they have. His Mercury is also in Pisces so he definitely has some compassion. But as Pisces rules alcohol and drugs, it can indicate a problem with substances.

Jessica is Pisces Sun. Her Venus/Mercury are in Aquarius. So you can see they two are connected. Her Moon is in Gemini. And her Mars in the debilitated sign of Libra. They are evenly matched.

Currently Justin has a banging chart with no negative aspects. His predictive Venus is sextile Mars. And his predictive Mercury is trine Pluto. He’s planning for nothing to come of this. It barely shows up on his radar.

But is that how Jessica registers it? No. Not exactly. She has her predictive Venus squaring Uranus. That’s love in a negative aspect to the most unpredictable planet — sudden, deadly and quick. So while this incident is over, with her predictive Moon on Jupiter, is there more trouble ahead? Could be. Probably depends on how much Justin partakes. Keep in mind, no one is more understanding than Pisces. But is this relationship vulnerable. Justin would be smart to cool it. But is Justin smart?

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