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Is Taylor Swift just flexing her muscle in her fight with Big Machine or is she genuinely feeling oppressed by forces bigger than herself? She’s going around telling everyone that they won’t let her sing her songs at the American Music Awards except apparently that little snag has been worked out. We all identify with our Sun signs so strongly that we don’t notice when there is such a stack up of another sign, it completely overwhelms. In Taylor’s case, it is Capricorn where her Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Neptune are positioned. And it is also her rising sign. So that Sadge gets pretty lost. And Capricorn is nobody’s fool.

Sagittarius can be a little naive and trusting as it is a positive fire sign. They want everything to be happy in their Universe. But Cap? No way. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. If it isn’t broken, they will break it. No Mr. Nice Guy. So that saucy, bouncy little girl Taylor pretends to be? Get out of her way. And as far as most business deals are concerned, she’s there first and she wrote the playbook. So can we be relatively sure it was all just a publicity hoax. Fine. It’s just Taylor’s brand to play the victim and rile up her base — the Snake Army that does her bidding.

Currently Taylor’s chart is quite tame. Transiting Pluto just crossed her Capricorn planets and is heading toward her predictive Sun. So she’s been thinking. Wonder if it is getting closer to the time she is going to reveal herself? What I want to know is what happens when the public catches on to these publicity machines? What happens when you can’t fool us anymore? We have the Me Too movement, the pedaphile thing and have you noticed? There is a lot of attention being paid to animal rights. The glitz and glitter is getting lost to the truth. Now that’s an interesting concept.

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