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I’m actually going to be relatively nice about this person. He just isn’t that bad. But he does lie and he isn’t smart. And he’s in a position he shouldn’t be in. Nobody should be listening to a thing he says. Today he was on The View. And, again, his answers were stupid and evasive. And he couldn’t be there alone. He had to drag along his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle. What was that conversation like? “No mommie. You have to go with me. I can’t go alone.”

Donald Trump Jr. is a Capricorn Sun/Venus. His Mercury is in Sagittarius where it’s in its detriment with Neptune conjunct. That’s the definition of a liar. Look no further. His Moon is in Virgo — not a bad position. And Mars is in the attention loving sign of Leo. No focal planets that while negative do make one interesting.

Not much is going on in his chart. He’s nobody. He’s unimportant. He isn’t even interesting. Why have him on a talk show? Possibly to show what the Trump administration is using for brain power. You couldn’t fuel an ant farm.

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UPDATE: He wrote a book, Triggered. I can’t stop laughing.

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