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We don’t talk about this a lot, because it doesn’t happen a lot. Your Sun can be on Saturn. This lasts for two years. But in order for Saturn to be on your Sun, it has to go out of its original sign which means you have to be born with a very high degree Saturn or low. Renee’s natal Saturn is 29 degrees out of 29 degrees and it moved to the next sign and sat on her Sun. Now what?

Saturn is one of the bad boys of the zodiac. Your life is going to get changed when it makes itself noticed in your chart. Renee took some time off and no doubt this was the reason. You are going to reevaluate, definitely. What I am really enthused about lately is how many people are plowing through these bad aspects, because Renee just finished a movie, Judy, and it looks like a tour-de-force performance. Negative aspects create negative energy which has the effect of weighing one down. So one has to dig deep. Maybe it’s not Judy’s demons she explored at all — maybe it’s her own.

Be very encouraged by this. Another great example of a person who defines their life and doesn’t let life define them. I will say, however, she won’t win the Academy Award — not on aspects this bad. But then, don’t count her out. Just don’t underestimate anyone who can succeed with Saturn on their Sun. It’s pushing past the karma that holds one back. It’s releasing the past. Who or what is squashing your energy and your ability to fly? Defy it.

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