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Just a normal Sunday reading The Daily Mail when I see a headline that Hillary Clinton is running for president. Okay, I’m listening. Very unlikely the publication came up with this on their own. Much more likely it was planted by Hil’s campaign. Hil’s campaign? Is is possible she is considering another run at the presidency? I hope so and here’s why.

In the last election, we had two presidential candidates that had no business running. Theoretically neither should have won. But as someone had to, Hillary got the popular vote and Trump the electoral college — really a split decision. Well times change. Energy is fluid. Today Trump is in for the fight of his life as he was impeached last week. And why did that happen since we know that has the blessed Jupiter chart? Actually he doesn’t. The predictive Venus that was conjunct his predictive Sun is recently over. And despite the fact he has another Jupiter aspect on the horizon, it doesn’t come in until October 22st. So he technically is in between aspects and vulnerable. But he won’t be vulnerable on election day 2020. Jupiter is back by then. Either we impeach him before that or he will run in the 2020 election. And the talking heads say the impeachment won’t remove him from office. Republicans still control the Senate. And the not-in-Jupiter blip doesn’t last very long.

Hillary had her predictive Sun/Mercury conjunct November 2016 and squaring her natal Neptune — a very negative chart for someone running for president. The fact that it was Neptune (deception) meant she didn’t see it coming. She was clueless. Hard to imagine, but isn’t that what happened? That aspect is over. Today she has her predictive Venus trine predictive Jupiter. Yes, that’s the one. That’s Jupiter in a positive aspect. That means she could win in the next election.

She has Jupiter and so does Trump. We’re still in that split decision arena. So how can we fix that if we’re lucky enough to even have that scenario? Just use one of the other candidates also in Jupiter as a running mate. That would be Oprah, Kamala or Tom Steyer. Stay away from Elizabeth Warren, because this just is not her time. Ditto Bernie. Don’t even think about Biden.

It’s really thought provoking. Hillary already ran against Trump once. This time she could fix her mistakes. Is it possible that this publicity tour she is embarking on to promote “The Book of Gutsy Women” is really testing the water for her candidacy? Could Hillary Clinton be considering a run for the President of The United States? Someone call Oprah, please!!!!!!!!!!!

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