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You can defy your astrology chart. You are always in charge. But we don’t. It’s the energy, stupid. You feel it so it affects you. Unless you are a person that is operating on energy that is artificial — like narcissists do. They’re faking most of what they would let you believe they feel. Not saying Jennifer Lopez is doing this, but, hey, how come this big romance is happening during a seriously negative aspect from her predictive Sun to her natal Venus?

Although you’ve got to give the girl credit, she’s thriving on negative aspects. I always admire that because it’s seriously hard to do. Jennifer’s a Leo so she’s in love with herself. And her Mercury is there with both being focal planets. Sun as a focal planet is narcissistic. Mercury as a focal planet is verbally abusive. Interesting that that old interview came out this week with her trashing other female celebrities?

I wasn’t expecting this, but she has Moon in Scorpio. Really that is just blowing my mind. Okay. News bulletin. There is just no way she’s as nice as she leads us to believe. I never see her as complicated. But she is. Super complicated. And really good at hiding it. Scorpio?

This blog was supposed to be about the great cycle Jennifer is in. She’s the Super Bowl half-time entertainment. But that is not what is happening here. Yeah, the Super Bowl. But you know those rumors about her and Alex Rodriguez being, surprise, another fake Hollywood publicity relationship? Well, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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UPDATE: I just read an article about why Pink turned down the Super Bowl. Apparently whoever does it gets trashed. So are you following this drift?

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