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Normally, based on his astrology chart, I’m not Brad Pitt’s biggest fan. But lately? Is he acting adorable? And smart? Despite being accused by his wife, Angelina Jolie, of child abuse and self-admitted drug issues, Brad just finished two huge Hollywood movies, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Ad Astra. But even more incredible, his reputation couldn’t be better. Brad, how do you do it?

Brad’s a Sagittarius, but a really unusual one as his four other personal planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) are in Capricorn. And that much Capricorn really overwhelms the Sadge. And you might have noticed, one of those planets is the Moon which does not like being in Capricorn and causes the natives to behave badly. But ironically, it is also infused with crazy charm. It’s very difficult even for Libra to outcharm Capricorn.

So what are the issues he’s dealing with? I believe this may be the hardest one of them all — any negative aspect between Mars and the Sun as in Brad’s, predictive Sun conjunct predictive Mars. It creates some real doubt about who you are. Real ego deflation. Most of us will question everything. It’s quite humbling. In addition he has transiting Pluto and Saturn crossing his Capricorn natal planets. This is intense. Life is crumbling as he knows it. And yet he is being considered for an Oscar. Brad turned lemons into lemonade. And you can too if you realize that all negativity is just temporary energy. That’s what astrology is — a measurement of that energy. The good energy passes and so does the bad. If you want more info on that, get an astrology reading. In the meantime, hang in there. Be Brad Pitt.

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