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It was a scary diagnosis. Three months to live. That was what was given to Valerie Harper in 2013. But Xtrology looked at her chart and saw hope. Xtrology knew she could live with the will and the right attitude. And she did until the age of 80. I would say six years is quite a victory. Rest in peace. Here is my post from March 20, 2013:

“Valerie Harper, who so many of us remember on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and RHODA, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Doctors say she has only three months to live.

Valerie is a Leo Sun with Leo rising, Leo Mercury and Leo Venus. She needed to be in show biz. It’s in her blood. And that outspoken quality we all love in her, a Sagittarius Moon. Jupiter in Aries trines all her Leo planets making her relatable to almost everyone. Mars in Capricorn, the most fortunate position, gives her drive and ambition and the ability to make things happen.

She currently has the nasty aspect, predictive Mars square predictive Uranus which accounts for this heartbreaking diagnosis. However, if she can hang on longer than expected, and many, many people do, in exactly two years predictive Venus will trine predictive Jupiter. People will say it’s a miracle, but it’s just an astrology chart doing its thing. Say a prayer for Valerie. She has the best attitude a winner like her can have. Now she just needs more time.”

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