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Again, another celebrity with the deadly stinger called a Scorpio Moon. Go where the Moon don’t shine. Is this a recipe for success? Because so many people on this blog have it and yet it’s a bad placement and makes people crazy. Whenever a sign and a planet don’t mesh, you get a person who is at odds with themselves. They’re in. They’re out. They’re here. They’re there. They like you. They don’t.

Miley is the adorable sign of Sagittarius. One of my favs as it is mine. And I really do like these people especially the woman. They are very straight forward and fearless. Her rising sign is the money loving Taurus. Mercury is also in Scorpio. Mars in Cancer and Venus in Capricorn. Not so bad. The thing that makes Miley the person you love is her Moon in the debilitated sign of Scorpio. She’s uncomfortable being her. It accounts for so much of her quirky personality.

It has just been reported that she has left her husband of less than a year, Liam Hemsworth, for a woman. She hasn’t actually said this, but there is a lot of evidence. The thing about Miley, too, that makes her interesting is that her Jupiter squares three Capricorn planets and Saturn squares three Scorpio planets. While she has no focal planets, she has this. And it’s complicated. Hers is a gifted chart but not an easy one.

Currently Miley has no big aspects going on. This wasn’t something she spent much time contemplating. She wanted to do it so she did. Not earth shattering. Just another Monday. Or Sunday. Or Saturday. Or whatever. Miley’s just busy being Miley. But trust me. It’s not as easy as it looks.

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