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Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile on a scale that is indescribable, horrendous and beyond understanding, is the definition of evil. Our question is, does it show in his astrology chart? So much doesn’t. There are limits. It really does matter what your upbringing looks like. Two people with the exact same chart won’t be the same people despite many, many similarities. His chart however has challenges where you can predict a questionable person. You don’t want your daughter marrying this man. An astrologer can tell you this.

Epstein, I would bet my career, is a Capricorn despite the fact that the Sun changes signs on the day of his birth and he could (without the time) be an Aquarius. With Capricorn as the Sun sign, he has a Grand Square, the most challenging of all the aspects. Six of his ten planets is involved in this. No one with six focal planets is going to be normal. That ship has sailed. In addition, his Mars and Venus are conjunct — always some issues with sexuality. He is also highly passive/aggressive due to Venus’ proximity to Mars (any association with Libra). Not a nice guy. Keep in mind that passive/aggressive means passive anger. But anger still. Lots of it. He also has mother issues (Pluto square Jupiter) and is highly selfish (Moon in Aries involved in the Grand Square).

Okay, I’m stumped with this one. Epstein doesn’t have a bad chart. He has a good chart. Predictive Mercury is sextile his predictive Jupiter. That’s Jupiter. Is he going to get off? Is he going to flee the country. Is he enjoying this? Explain this to me, because I don’t understand it. Any thoughts?

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UPDATE: 8/10/19 Jeffrey Epstein died today an apparent suicide in his jail cell. Again, this doesn’t fit his chart. Astrology is never wrong. I’m wrong. One possible explanation is that his date of birth is incorrect. But there are inexplicable events in astrology. Donald Trump is president. No way that should have happened.

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