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Have you heard people say that they don’t care who runs for president — just that he/she beat Trump? History will confirm, Donald Trump is the worst president ever. It would be so easy to list the reasons if there weren’t so many — varied and twisted and inexplicable as they are.

When I first began this blog I had no desire to be political. It was so much more important to get information out about astrology and how it can help you conquer your Universe. And then this happened. No one who understands the magnitude of Trump’s negative force should keep silent. This message is more important than my message. There won’t be a world to make better if we don’t act now.

So the looming question is, which Democratic candidate can do that? I have already written a blog on Kamala Harris who has the charmed Jupiter chart. But I believe that it must be a young heterosexual white male. I don’t believe Kamala can beat Trump. In a perfect world maybe, but this isn’t one. However, there is a candidate who can — Tom Steyer. Okay, he’s not that young. But the rest applies. He believes that we must wrestle our government away from big business and save our failing climate. That’s his agenda. We must first rescue our way of life. It’s a message you can love. And he has the Jupiter chart. But why is he entering the race so late? Is he too late?

Tom Steyer is a Cancer Sun/Moon/Venus. Nothing wrong with these placements. Very sensitive, but in a reasonable manner. The Moon is in it’s rulership. His Mercury is in intelligent Gemini also in its rulership and Mars is in showbiz Leo. His focal planet is Jupiter. It is possible to take this collective planet and use it to save humanity despite the fact focal planets are weaknesses. You can use your weakness to make yourself stronger. Mostly we don’t, but we can.

Currently his predictive Mercury is sitting on his predictive Jupiter and it will be there until the election. Jupiter! He can beat Trump. But no one knows who he is. However, he has enough money to remedy that. He is a billionaire. Here is a quote from Tom Steyer on Donald Trump in The Atlantic, “…he is the most corrupt president and one of the most important criminals in American history.” You’ve got to like him! I’m asking you to give Steyer a chance. Remember we need someone who can win. And Gavin Newsom isn’t running. Ugh.

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UPDATE: You need to donate $1 to his campaign for him to be in the September debates. Do that.

UPDATE2: 8/12/19 He did it. He got the 130,00 donations to qualify for the September debates with one hurdle to go. But if he got this far, look for him to be there.

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