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I saw a picture of Matthew Perry the other day. He is in rehab, again. We loved him in Friends and he walked away with a personal fortune. So why these continuing meltdowns? Can you see trouble in his astrology chart?

Matthew is a Leo with Leo rising. So a need for attention? You think? He found his way to the right profession, acting. His Mercury is in analytical Virgo. Venus is in family loving Cancer and Mars in adventurous Sagittarius. And then the challenge. The Moon. When you have a personal planet (one of the first five) in their fall or detriment, you have trouble. His Moon is in Scorpio. The Moon doesn’t like being in this sign because its qualities and Scorpio qualities are at odds. You end up emotionally challenged. And to make matters worse, Neptune is conjunct his Moon giving it a highly Pisces quality. Pisces, especially for the Moon, is another word for drugs. And compassion. But, yeah, drugs.

So these people we think have everything definitely don’t always. What can be harder than being challenged every day by your feelings? This is one celebrity that seems like a genuinely nice guy. Currently he has predictive Mercury conjunct his natal Venus. So hey, time to fall in love. Also he has predictive Venus sextile natal Venus. There is love all around. The problem with using drugs is that they completely cause your true purpose to be obscured. His current chart, however, will allow him to find his way back. It won’t be easy. But it is possible. Let’s send send him encouraging healing thoughts. He needs them, and we have lots of them to give!

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