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Last night in the first of the Democratic debates, Kamala Harris stood out. Will my tentative prediction come true? Politico agrees with me. She’s running in front. But then it’s early. Here’s my blog of May 21, 2019:

“I’m not yet prepared to do 23 charts to see who is going to be the Democratic candidate. I thought I would wait. But I’m always tempted so I ran Kamala Harris. Well…

Kamala is a Libra Sun. So we know she has a lethal amount of charm when needed. Her Mercury is in Scorpio which just might work for this potentially nasty presidential race. Her Moon is in Aries, a perfectly acceptable spot. They like to fight much like Scorpio as Aries is ruled by Mars. Her Venus is in Virgo. Mars in Leo — the showbiz sign. That’s a good placement to go up against Trump. Her focal planet is Jupiter which inclines towards cults or cult-like behavior. So yes, this would work.

Kamala is in the positive Jupiter aspect that I’m always talking about — predictive Mars trine predictive Jupiter. Hallelujah! This would make me believe she will get the nomination (without doing the other 22 charts). That and Rachael Maddow/MSNBC is strongly pushing her. But the nomination is not the election. By the election, her aspect is over. However it is not replaced with a negative aspect. Actually that’s exactly the same position Trump finds himself — which would create, astrologically, an even race. So now we look at the fact she is a woman. I am also one so there’s nothing I would like more than a woman president. The question is can she win against Trump. I say no. The Democrats need to run a young, white, hetrosexual man this time so men will vote for him. Sorry, I just don’t believe men are ready for a woman president. Hey, we knew it would be a black man waaaaay before a woman — especially a woman of Indian and Jamaican heritage. Hilary couldn’t beat him. So why would we think this woman can? (Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom, Gavin Newsom.)

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