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Meghan McCain, one of the hosts of The View, is being called by the producers of her show, Manic McCain. I’m a fan and I tune in most days to see hear the women talk about politics. And Meghan, being the most out-spoken Republican, is a big part of that. But I, too, find her abrasive at times. And she interrupts everyone with her brand of my-opinion-is-more-important-than-yours. So will that get her fired as she is also losing the support of the audience.

Meghan is a Scorpio — really really a Scorpio. Pluto is conjunct her Sun (mon dieu! More Scorpio as Pluto rules it) and so are her Mercury and Saturn giving her a stellium in complicated and antagonistic Scorpio. Just don’t mess with Meghan. She will bite you. This is one of the few people that you can barely tell has a Libra, i.e. charming, Moon. It’s in there. And sometimes you see it when she bails herself out of all kinds of missteps. When is it too many?

Currently Meghan is benefiting from predictive Venus conjuncting her predictive Jupiter — you know the one I am talking about! The good one. But it’s over. But unless a negative aspect replaces it, you’re still golden. That same Venus is now sextiling natal Saturn. And her predictive Sun is sitting on her natal Venus. She also has an unusual long term aspect that I still don’t entirely know how to interpret, but these people have something big to offer. It’s predictive Neptune (having gone out of the natal sign) sextile natal Sun. Does Meghan have something to contribute to the Universe. Are there big things in store for her? Because this is an outer planet leaving its sign, she will have it for some time. Let’s keep an eye on Meghan. And, no, she’s not getting fired. Woe to the person who crosses her.

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