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Don’t you just wonder what this woman that’s briefing the press in The White House is really all about? Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems like such a crank. She twists the truth until it is barely recognizable. And the frown? Is she ever having a good day?

Sarah is a Leo Sun so she likes the attention however negative it is. Her Mars is in the confrontational sign of Scorpio. Moon in sharp Gemini. And Venus in loving and home oriented Cancer. It’s her Mercury, of course, communication that’s her weakness. It is in the sign of Cancer but it is also the focal planet for her Moon/Uranus opposition and as such makes her verbally abusive. She enjoys ripping people apart. I don’t think she really cares whose side she is on. It’s the joy and the fun of being destructive. The up side? Maybe she does it at work and not at home. Maybe.

The career she has had defending the almost indefensible President Trump is coming to an end. I’m having a hard time finding out the reason so let’s look at what her chart tells us. Currently she has her predictive Mercury conjunct Saturn. This is the communication planet sitting on top of the restrictive planet. She hasn’t given a briefing in 94 days. So clearly something is restricting her. She’s not feeling that need to tear down. She’s feeling torn down and not up to the task. So I would say that she is leaving because she is just not feeling the job. And to further her drama, predictive Mars is going to conjunct her Uranus. Mars, the wrecker in a bad aspect to Uranus, sudden and deadly? These are seriously negative aspects. Her world of pain is directed inward. Karma is a bitch.

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