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He’s in Jupiter so this is a home run for him. Did you think that? If so, we shouldn’t have. But there is a little social climbing vibe. Am I right? They’re both young and beautiful. Should be a fated match. But why isn’t there anything in her chart about marriage?

Kathleen Schwarzenegger now Pratt is a Sagittarius born when all those planets were transiting Capricorn: Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. So that’s a stellium and it’s all in her 2nd House of Money. Her Moon is in Cancer conjunct Jupiter so she has a big personality. Mars is in Scorpio conjunct Pluto. Don’t mess with her. No focal planets which almost always sets one up for squares — all of which are pointing at her Venus, love, in the untrusting sign of Aquarius. I would call her exacting. She expects a certain outcome and is not happy if she doesn’t get it. He would need to cater to her.

Chris Pratt, a certifiable movie star, is a Gemini opposite Sagittarius on the wheel. I don’t mind oppositions despite their negative connotation. However, I always find it interesting that they rarely hook up. I’m a Sadge and I’ve never dated a Gemini. Chris also has his Moon in Taurus where it is exalted and his Mars there, too. His Venus is in the also cool sign of Gemini. Mercury in Cancer. He communicates in a sensitive manner that belies his real thoughts.

This is not a bad match however convenient for the groom. I wouldn’t have predicted marriage for her, however, at this time. Again, it’s not bad. It’s just hard to see what is motivating her. Coming up, in a few years, she has predictive Mars sitting on her Sun which is one of the more difficult aspects. I wish them the very best, but I do think they rushed into this.

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