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Keanu Reeves is currently starring in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. He really is the nicest guy in Hollywood. My girlfriend worked for his mother so I have the inside scoop. And it is that it is all true. He isn’t alone although he just called himself a lonely guy. Nope. He pays for several women — not hookers — just women he likes. But in so many ways he is alone. And that would be why?

So it starts out interesting. Keanu is a Virgo with Virgo rising and a Virgo stellium: Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Uranus. So we would expect to find a strong down-to-earth component as Virgo is an earth sign. But critical? He is possibly so critical that he hides behind his niceness — which isn’t to say he isn’t. Could he be alone because no one really lives up to his standards? Let’s just say he is a discerning person. You have to measure up. And what I love about Virgo is the attention to detail. You don’t have to tell them twice. They are much more super smart than they are given credit for.

Then he has three more personal planets in Cancer: Venus, a good and loving placement, always sensitive; Mars where it can be a little wishy washy and his Moon where it is in its rulership but still manages to be sensitive. That’s why he’s nice, he feels it. All of it. This is a person who can be hurt and no doubt has childhood injuries.

Keanu is currently in a predictive Venus sextile natal Venus which happens at a certain age. However predictive Mars is square natal Jupiter. So not right now. But coming up? Predictive Venus will trine Jupiter! Oh, yes, that one. So, girls. He’s available. Near future. Don’t miss your chance! Be fabulous.

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