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This is the my blog from October 5, 2015. No one, at that point, thought Lamar Odom could live except Xtrology. He was on life support and the future looked bleak. This is another example of how only you can kill you. If you are experiencing health problems or life problems, I hope this helps.

“Yes, astrology can tell you when you’re going to die — rather it can tell you if you could. The right aspects must be there, but I have found, more importantly, you need to be ready to die. I have seen people live on horrible, destructive aspects. And I have seen people die on the most fortunate of all — the positive Jupiter aspects. Let’s look at Lamar Odom who is famous for his basketball prowess and his Kardashian marriage to Khloe. Currently, he is in the hospital in a drug-related coma.

Lamar is a Scorpio Sun with Uranus. His Moon is in cool Gemini, Venus in friendly Sagittarius and Mars in show-off Leo. His focal planets (the result of two planets opposing with a third squaring both — the focal planet) are Saturn which makes him highly ambitious (so he didn’t mind being part of the Kardashians and the TV show) and Jupiter which makes him like to be part of a group — ditto.

Currently he has predictive Neptune conjunct his predictive Sun. This is why it is important to know that Neptune is malefic. Because in a conjunction it can go either way. So this is not a good aspect and Neptune is drugs — always (Pisces, Neptune, 12th House all the same thing). However he has something unexpected. He has predictive Mars conjunct predictive Jupiter. Jupiter is the only planet that can override negative aspects. So this is the positive Jupiter aspect I was talking about.

Lamar should not die on a positive Jupiter aspect — unless and this is a big unless — he wants to. Because you will get what you want in Jupiter. I would imagine someone in his position who appears to be throwing an amazing life away over addiction is very unhappy. If ever one can fix a negative, it would be during a positive Jupiter. So that isn’t happening. He wants to die? He may be giving up. I hope not.

For a death to occur, Pluto has to be involved. Transiting Pluto is within seven degrees of a square to his his natal Pluto. That’s a little further out than one might expect. So his death, which seems inevitable at this time, may take a period of time. Or not. Astrology is not exact. Things happen within a framework. He is on the outer edges of that framework. Astrology does not demand death. That is a free will decision. Astrology does tell you when it is most likely to occur or when you are vulnerable. Nothing can kill Lamar now except Lamar. Let’s hope it’s not too late for him to change his mind — likely it is.

UPDATE: November 19, 2015 – ‘There are no promises, but if he’s willing to do the work — I know the speech therapy, or the occupational therapy, or just all the cognitive stuff. I’m sure it’s really hard for him and frustrating — but if he’s willing to do it, I don’t see why not. But it will take at least a year.’ Khloe Kardashian

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