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What is the story of the death of the Prince of the Kingdom, John F. Kennedy Jr.? Didn’t we all think that he would rule the world? Didn’t he have it all?

Now stay with me, because this is not how we, in Western Civilization, think. But everything that ever happens to you, you are steering that ship. Mind/body — a concept we love to ignore. Even an accidental death. You don’t die until you are ready to die. And, yes, people think they are ready when their thinking is just off the rails. People get discouraged and have bad thoughts. And those bad thoughts can kill you. Is that what happened to JFK, Jr.?

John Jr. was a Sagittarius Sun. His Moon was in humanitarian Aquarius. Venus in Capricorn conjuncted by Jupiter and Saturn and Mars in Cancer. His focal planets were Mercury and Neptune. Therein lies the potential for unhappiness. Mercury as a fixed focal planet creates a person who over-values his own thoughts. In the sign of Scorpio, those thoughts can be dark. The native creates an atmosphere where he is overbearing in nature which can lead to a partner rebelling. Neptune as a focal planet dredges up deep emotional yearnings that are hard to appease. Deep denial can result. There is a loneliness that no one can penetrate.

I have always wondered if JFK Jr. was gay, because there was something that he never shared with anyone — something that was too unacceptable to bubble to the surface. At the time of his death, he had a double love aspect: The predictive Venus was sitting on his natal Moon and the predictive Sun was sitting on his natal Venus. He was in love or wanted to be. But was he in love with Carolyn Bessette? Because when you are in love, you will put up with anything. I know and you know because we’ve done it. Did he seem like a man obsessed? Or did he seem like a man in an uncomfortable relationship? Unfortunately the transiting Pluto was sitting on his Sun — always necessary for a death to occur. Coming up was predictive Sun conjuncting predictive Jupiter — the best aspect the Universe has to offer, but before that his predictive Moon was on Mars — the violence planet. Even to imagine that he was killed, he would have had to have negative aspects. The Moon is your emotions. You are the violent one. These are the aspects of someone in impossible grief over love. He was disappointed, discouraged and in despair. Not unhappy. Broken.

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