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I like the new talk show Busy Tonight. Busy Philipps is a quirky, interesting anything-but-vanilla lady. It’s like I don’t like her clothes, but I can’t wait to see what she is wearing. She’s unusual but a genuine jewel. And she’s very outspoken and pro-women — and the only woman on late night TV. So why did she get cancelled? Is it a conspiracy?

Busy is a Cancer Sun/Mercury/Moon — a lot of this highly sensitive and caring sign. She ends her show every night with, “I love you.” That’s Cancer at its best. Her Venus is in Gemini, but with so many natal negative signs, instead of being cold, I think she intellectualizes her love. She would want a smart partner. The things that turn her on have to do with being brainy. Her Mars is in Taurus. Money oriented. Down to earth. With Saturn as a focal planet, she’s ambitious.

So what happened? Do you remember Sharon Osbourne? How much everyone was crazy about her? But then she got a talk show and failed miserably. Too much Sharon and her quirkiness. Busy too has that. I just think the public can only take so much of your cuteness — the very things your family and friends love about you. Busy started her show in positive Jupiter, the best aspects possible. It’s over now, but that didn’t cause her show to get cancelled. The truth. Busy just failed to capture the interest of her audience. Too busy, my mother would say.

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