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The birth of the first child of the of Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, and Prince Harry was today! This is the first interracial baby for many a year. History being written. No name has been selected. But we have the date and time so we have the astrology chart.

Baby Sussex is a Taurus with Uranus conjunct. Taurus is, perhaps, the most stubborn of the signs — grounded and stoical. That little splash of Uranus will give him all the qualities associated with Aquarius including a heavy dose of humanitarianism. Mercury/Venus are conjunct with these planets squared by heavyweights Pluto and Saturn. Could this mean this child, much in the fashion of his parents, will rail against his royal heritage? We may have a bit of a rebel here. With Moon in Gemini conjunct, intelligence will be a given along with analytical thinking and strong forceful opinions. He will not adhere to tradition instead opting for a life he considers more meaningful. The most significant, perhaps of all the aspects is his focal planet Neptune. A little hypersensitivity for our Taurus? Yes, it comes in waves. Most of the time – super together, and then out of the blue, an emotional state that is hard for the native to define — a black cloud that threatens his inner normally calm nature. Momentarily, he will filter his perceptions. Momentarily he loses his royal bearing. And with all the planets grouped up together. He will be what he is with a mission to, could we only hope, save the world!

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UPDATE: The baby’s name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

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