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My choice for the Democratic candidate is Gavin Newsom. Gavin Newsom. Did I say Gavin Newsom? The question for today is — if it is Joe Biden, can he beat President Trump in the 2020 election?

Joe has a Scorpio stellium — Venus/Mars/Mercury/Sun. Very Scorpio. With a rising sign of Sagittarius, he will appear to be truthful. Since Scorpio likes hiding, you don’t see his real self most of the time. His Moon is in exalted Taurus. Again, good. He remains calm in most situations and can return to normal very fast when threatened. Natal Jupiter trines all his Scorpio planets. He can relate. Very much so and probably his best quality. However natal Pluto squares all his Scorpio planets. Joe has an underside. He can play dirty. He can get mean. Still. What’s wrong with that when we’re talking leader of the free world? Joe is capable of doing the job and handling the diplomatic aspects with ease and slamming the people who need to be slammed.

Donald Trump is a Gemini. He’s smart. Don’t underestimate him. We’ve already done that. Venus/Mercury are in Cancer. Good for Venus. Okay for Mercury. Can be a little sensitive. Moon in Sagittarius. This is a contradiction to his proclivity for lying as a Gemini with Neptune squaring Venus/Saturn/Mercury. Sadge tells the truth. So you will see him do both. One can follow the other as it often does. With Leo rising and Mars in Leo, it’s often all about putting on a show. Very little thought about substance. He’s perfect for the entertainment industry, but these are not leadership qualities.

Trump is just leaving a positive and blessed Jupiter period — the reason no doubt he’s eluding the law. And with no negative aspects to change the energy, he’s essentially still going strong. Joe doesn’t have a bad chart. He has a yod (two inconjuncts at a 150 angle to another planet). I personally think he has to overcome his age, his handsiness and Anita Hill. He’s underwhelming. I would not pick him.

Did I say Gavin Newsom?

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