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I watched 20/20 Friday night about the first man ever to have a hand transplant. His name is Jonathan Koch. And I thought I never get to look at these charts because I can’t find the birthday. But I did. I found his birthday and the date of his harrowing story.

This is a man who was the head of Asylum Entertainment. He had just sold his partnership for $100 million. He doesn’t drink or smoke or do drugs. His favorite movie is Rocky. On the way to an industry convention, he suddenly feels ill. Very ill. Hours later, he is lying in a coma. The doctors don’t have a clue. Then they determine he has a immune system malady and completely change his treatment. However, his limbs have turned black from lack of circulation. He lives, but only to find one leg amputated, one hand and the fingers on the other hand. That leads him to be the first hand transplant recipient. Can you imagine?

If astrology works, it tells the story. And It does. His predictive Sun squared (bad) his natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction. Mon dieu! Sacrebleu! (Everything is French now in honor of Notre Dame.) Uranus is sudden and out of nowhere. Pluto is death. Something would suddenly die. But transiting Pluto is trine (good) the same natal planets. He becomes a medical miracle — the first hand transplant recipient. Are you impressed? Now do you believe?

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