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Here’s an Xtrology quote from January 22, 2017, #PRESIDENTTRUMP BYE FELICIA!, “But let’s look at the bigger picture. Trump’s next aspect is scary. The president has a positive Jupiter aspect on June 1st [2017]. This protects you against the law — against legal problems.” This is what we’re seeing today as this aspect is still in effect.

The liberal left, I’m watching MSNBC, are falling all over themselves to figure out how our president, Donald Trump, is a criminal when they have a report (Mueller’s) that doesn’t exactly say that. But it does. But it doesn’t exactly. This, my friend, is Jupiter at its best. Jupiter in a positive aspect will protect you — against the most heinous of allegations. Can you see it at work here?

In Trump’s chart, predictive Venus is conjunct predictive Jupiter. So this is the hallelujah period that we all wait for. This is the best energy you will have in your lifetime. And President Trump has it now. Still. If we wanted this man out of office, our window shut in 2017 as I said in my blog. Will we ever take astrology seriously? I am hoping that we will. Someday.

When Trump heard about the special counsel, he said, “I’m fucked.” No, Mr. President, you have Jupiter.

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