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If we were to believe the rumors, we would think that Kate Middleton is suffering from jealousy over her husband having an affair and Meghan Markle having a baby. No attention for poor Kate. Who should we listen to?

Kate Middleton is a Capricorn Sun. Her Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius, Mars is in Libra but also conjunct Saturn (Capricorn which exalts it) and Pluto (Scorpio). So the Mars thing is complicated. But still in the passive/aggressive sign of Libra. Soooooo. Her Moon is in Cancer, it’s rulership.

But let’s look at what is currently going on in her chart. Her predictive Sun is trine Pluto. This tells me she is completely all right with the power structure in her life since Pluto is power and a trine is the most harmonious aspect. She also has predictive Mercury (communication) sextile Uranus (the unexpected). This is a good and happy chart. She’s handling it. If this rumored affair really did happen, she’s on top of it, she already knew about it and dealt with it or she doesn’t care. Whatever. She’s fine. As for her feelings about Meghan, she’s okay with that, too. Life is good for her. I would say that Kate is perfectly aware of what her job entails and at least for now, just accepts it. She’s going to be Queen. She’s looking at the big picture. Listen to Xtrology.

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UPDATE: April 2, 2019, Celebitchy just called Kate “vaporizer-in-chief.” Wish I had thought of that.

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