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I’ve said this before so, of course, I’ll say it again. You can do many things wrong. And until your chart reaches a critical point, you’re not going to get caught. It can go on for years and years and then the bell tolls. This is the case for Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and 700 plus others who have been paying bribes to get their children in swanky colleges rather than allow their children to shine by themselves.

Felicity is a Sagittarius which we don’t see many of in Xtrology blogs. Sagittarius rules the truth and clearly that’s not what is going on here. Her predictive planets tell us why. She has predictive Sun (herself) involved in a T-square — where it is squaring Neptune (lies) and opposing Mars (evil, dark planet that turns your world around). My first thought is that she’s going to get out of this, but this is not what her astrology is showing. According to Xtrology, she’s in a lot of trouble. The Feds came to her house while she was sleeping, right? This woman is scared. I don’t have her houses. Wonder if the 9th (the law) or the 12th (jail) are involved.

Lori Laughlin is a Leo, the show biz planet. She has a similar aspects. Her predictive Venus (love) is square Neptune (lies). And her predictive Sun is square Mars. Her daughter who benefited from the payoffs is on You Tube telling the public she didn’t even want to go to college and she isn’t going to take it seriously. So in her case, this is especially egregious. The kid doesn’t even want the spot she took from another child who really did want it. Again, no time so no ability to see the houses for Lori. But this is serious. It’s part of a much bigger shake down.

Both these women have every right to be concerned. These are very negative aspects. And they were always going to be happening now. It would have been in their interest to have this information in advance (knowing this was coming, they could just not have done it. Something was going to happen, but it didn’t have to be this). That’s why you go to an astrologer. I predict their careers are tarnished, and they are outed as bad parents. (Are we going to see the public getting a grip on celebrity children?) And it is possible, they will do jail time. Definitely if the 9th and 12th are involved. It’s the law, ladies.

And think about this, William Macy, Felicity’s husband, wasn’t arrested, but Lori’s was. Could that be because his chart doesn’t allow for this at this time. Makes you want to have your chart done, doesn’t it?

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