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Did you see the interview with Gayle King where R. Kelly went nuclear? Seriously, were we supposed to be sympathetic to that? I haven’t really followed this story, because it had a ton of potential to make me lose it. I just hoped he would get what he deserved. And it looked like from what they were saying he was a bad guy.

R. Kelly is a Capricorn with his Mercury there. His Moon is in truthful Sagittarius. Venus is cold Aquarius. It’s his Mars that is a red flag in the sign of Libra. This is the passive/aggressive Moon in its detriment. These people generally aren’t there to help anyone as the passive/aggressive nature is how do I hurt you without you realizing it? They’re often very smart and very good at it. Don’t look here for support. Neptune is his focal planet so he bends reality to his pleasing. And this Neptune squaring Venus (how you love) is definitely a concern and completely confirms his sexuality being askew.

Currently he has predictive Mars square natal Venus. So it isn’t surprising that sexual deviations can come to the surface now. You can get away with behavior for a long time before it comes out of the shadows. It’s not conclusive that he’s a pervert, but, for me, it’s enough. Accusations plus similar aspects almost always make the behavior definitive. Of course, there are always exceptions. I don’t think this is one of them.

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