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Well, it happens. You are a star yourself and you marry an even bigger star, buy a house, (big house), your husband is winning all kinds of awards and then it all falls apart. I don’t remember where it started for Ben Affleck. Was it the drinking? There have always been rumors about gambling. And a nanny maybe? Xtrology has already made the prediction, Ben is in trouble. Is Jennifer?

Jennifer Garner is an Aries Sun/Mercury with a stellium in Gemini: Venus, Mars, Saturn, Moon. So that is Saturn conjunct Moon which is like having a Capricorn Moon. Highly ambitious and despite being ridiculously charming — not all that subtle in getting her way. The question I have is with Ben falling apart and no end in sight, is Jen going to be able to handle this lifestyle all by herself?

Jen currently has predictive Sun conjunct her natal Mars. This is probably the hardest aspect of all. It makes you question your very soul. It is also conjunct her natal Venus so the marriage is kaput. And predictive Venus is square natal Mercury. Poof! Yes, she’s being challenged on the highest level to keep it together. This is not what she signed up for. This is a tough prediction, but with transiting Pluto, the planet of death in the 7th House of Relationships, she could lose her ex-husband. It’s possible. But in any case, she is up against it. Also in the future predictive Mars square Uranus. Utmost care needed here.

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