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I’ve been watching Priyanka Chopra getting married to Nick Jonas in what appears to be the biggest publicity stunt in Hollywood. So how much of this is real? Because it doesn’t seem all real to me.

Priyanka is a Cancer Sun/Mercury. She’s sensitive. Family is important to her. But and there’s a big one, she has Scorpio rising — a red flag and Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto and Saturn– another red flag. It doesn’t help that her Moon is in Gemini along with her Venus. Air signs can be cold even when there are water signs like Cancer involved. Okay she’s beautiful. But boy is she a handful. This is someone you would expect to want to have their way all the time.

Whoa! Interesting! Priyanka is in a mini-Jupiter period because it’s her predictive Moon that is making the aspect to Jupiter. In her case, because it is conjuncting her predictive and then natal Jupiter, it will be six months. But underneath this is predictive Mercury (publicity) square natal Neptune (lies), and predictive Sun square Uranus both predictive and natal. I’d say there is a good chance this all comes crashing down. She gets exposed for this being more about Hollywood and less about love. Summer.

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