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Howard Stern does not have a Scorpio Moon. And can’t you see it? He’s somewhat fatherly with a dirty twist, but, well, that’s men. Don’t you see the difference that he is not ruled by jealousy and passion? Howard Stern? Never. We count on him to tell us what’s real, again from his point of view. That’s earth. And mix it with water and this is what you get. Seven out of ten planets. Two in air and Gemini rising — that’s why he’s so smart. And one in fire. Howard virtually has no fire. So he’s not fun like you think of it. He has his own special kind of fun which is unusual and worth listening to — even if it makes you crazy sometimes.

Apparently he recently has admitted he’s not a joy to be around and his wife, Beth, says he complains all the time. Well, yes. Earth and Water. Where’s the fun? Believe me he has it but it’s his fun and maybe not as fun for her. So people are saying they might split. I’m not doing Beth’ chart, but they’re just fine. She accepted his idiosyncrasies long ago.

He recently had predictive Jupiter opposition predictive Mars, predictive Mercury sextile Moon and predictive Venus inconjunct Saturn and predictive Sun inconjunct Neptune. So he wasn’t in such a good mood. But all of these have passed. At his age, he’s lucky if he dodged any medical problems. Hey, you can live with cranky. And if you have a partner who is unusually hard to get along with, it could just be the cycle he’s in or he could have a medical problem. Before getting angry with someone, check the circumstances. Not everything is about you.

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