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Happy New Year! I took a little time off for the holidays. Hope yours were great.

I keep reading about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. It doesn’t seem to go away. I’m no fan of Brad’s. He’s a pill, but she seems so intent on punishing him. And I’m wondering why. And the answer is startling.

Brad is a Sagittarius Sun with four planets in Capricorn including his Moon. So he’s difficult as you know if you read my blogs. Cap Moon equals difficult. Jupiter squares all those Cap planets so his relating principle is off. He is very well liked — they’re charming — but in relationships, social cues are often missed.

Angelina is a Gemini with Moon/Mars/Jupiter in Aries which squares Brad’s Capricorn planets. They are going to clash. But where? It appears from Angelina’s chart that she has recently gone through a square from her predictive Sun to predictive Jupiter. That’s money. I believe underlying all this animosity is a squabble about money. Brad is being cheap probably to drive her crazy. And it’s working. I don’t know if you’re reading what I’m reading, but I was shocked she wants money from him when she can so easily do a film and get money herself. But she does. And the reason is to get back at him. And he did it to get back at her. Welcome to the world of relationships.

Brad also has a love aspect so he may find someone before she does. And, again, that would do nothing but make her more angry.

Bottom line, this was a bad relationship from the start. But really good for publicity. So I hope it was worth it. I’m really getting into nice guys. This game playing will suck the life out of you.

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