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I don’t believe I’ve ever blogged about a movie, but once in awhile you see something that makes you know you are in the presence of greatness. The movie, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, isn’t perfect. It could have gone a lot further into Freddie Mercury’s life. But if you want to know how these earth shattering songs were written, if you want to know how the greatness happened, see this movie. It will give you an evening of powerful music and whatever you’re going through, it will give you strength.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer, was a Virgo with Virgo rising. I wouldn’t have guessed that, because he was a wild child. He was a 12th House (Pisces house) Sun so that gives him the sensitivity that was a huge part of his personality. His Moon was Sagittarius and you can spot these people across a room — they don’t bullshit and don’t bullshit them. They will cut you, bitch! Freddie didn’t mess around. His Venus was in Libra so that doesn’t really tell me where his crazy sexuality came from although it is conjunct Mars which can mean homosexuality — confusion — despite being gay, he had a long term girlfriend who he left all his money to. Overall he was a mixed up jumble of a person, but from this came gigantic talent. Freddie wasn’t normal and neither was his music. Rarely do I see an artistic work that makes me want to cry, but I could have downright sobbed.

I hope you’ll see this movie. And I hope you walk away knowing we all possess genius. Dig it up. We can do better. And VOTE!

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