I started this post after Kanye made the remark about 400 years of slavery. I totally agree with him. In 400 years, you can’t decide that it’s enough? The country has to go to war (not that that was the real reason) instead of you rebelling against the white people that own you — more of you than of them — for 400 years. I state this unequivocally. If someone is doing something to you for a long length of time and you have time to understand it, and you do nothing, you are complicit.

But guess what? I chickened out. I have a learned black friend I wanted to ask, but she had dictated to me that I was not to contact her as she would be traveling. Your phone travels with you, bitch. I did not understand, but followed her directions. They were clearly meant to be followed. No exceptions.

Today I heard the anchors talking on Access Hollywood that a white woman had been picked by Kendrick Lamar to go onstage and was supposed to sing his lyrics, and he could say nigger and she couldn’t. So a black man is telling a while woman what to say. Where is her 1st Amendment? And then he, on stage, called her out and embarrassed her. And he won the Pulitzer Prize? No criticism?

Next AH discussed the NFL decision that the black players that “take a knee” during the National Anthem would now have to stand or stay in the locker room. All this while wearing their work uniform on work time.

So in both instances black people are dictating to white people what they should do — actually in all three. While screaming about the 1st Amendment. And we, clearly, don’t have to do it, but the liberal ones of us have been so beaten down and we’re so afraid of being called racist, we comply.

I say this. There is no reason a white person cannot use the word nigger especially if we are not using it in a derogatory way. Why in the world couldn’t we?

While you work for an employer, you follow his rules. After work, you can crawl around on your knees. But during work, he has the legal right to decide to your conduct — especially in regard to the National Anthem! White wrote it. It’s a white written anthem. Would black people let us mess with their anthem. Do we have white awards? What kind of criticism would that cause?

And to my friend, I want to say I felt manipulated. That’s how I felt. Very much so.

And to everyone reading this. This is how we got Trump. So many whites are sick of the unwritten policy that we can’t criticize blacks without backlash, we don’t. But we secretly vote. Our country is coming apart. So I said what I think. Out in the open. You can disagree with me. You might even be able to change my mind. I won’t edit your comments. I welcome them. What is really going on here? Could I be right?

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