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Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child this morning. We don’t have a name yet — perhaps two or three days from now. The little one is a Taurus with Venus conjunct — a sign of beauty. I’ll bet this is the prettiest of their children. He has a very royal, as Leo denotes royalty in astrology, Moon which is the focal planet of his chart — so, sensitive. That seems like a nice characteristic in the chart of someone who can change the world. His Mercury is Aries. He will be more outspoken than you might think a Taurus would be. And finally an exalted Mars in the sign of Capricorn. He can get things done. A very lovely chart for this young man.

If there is anything that I would say is his Achilles’ Heel, it would be Cancer as his ascendant. Do you remember I believe the rising sign brings out the worst qualities of the sign? And the negative signs in these placements do seem negative where normally it’s simply the opposite of positive — not a judgement call at all. Cancer rising can be lazy and envious of others. They’re emotional (goes along with the Leo focal planet). He will talk about his feelings. But they also have a great love of family and the traditions that go with it. Sentimental? Yes, that too. It’s a little hard to imagine, but self-pity thrives in this placement. I’ve seen it in the most unlikely of circumstances. And let’s just round this out with a tendency towards over indulgence.

He’s not perfect. But seriously, this is a good solid astrology chart with many many blessings. It will be up to his parents how self-indulgent he becomes. So much of it is your parents and the lessons you learn from them. With the new succession rules and a majority of his planets in the 10th House of Career, he has a real opportunity to be king after his father and grandfather. Simply a beautiful baby with an amazing life ahead.

Congratulations to Kate and William!!!

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