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We all heard it. The thud of the perfect couple getting a divorce. Except no one is perfect. Isn’t that a bitch?

Angelina Jolie is a Gemini to Brad’s (Pitt) Sagittarius. I don’t mind oppositions at all. They tend to fill each other out. But the downside is that they can be — opposite — having very different views on how they see life. It’s rare you see oppositions together. I’ve always wondered about that. Being a Sadge myself, I’ve never dated a Gemini.

Angelina has Venus as a focal planet which means that she doesn’t feel loved or lovable. Hence she has a half dozen children to ensure that someone always loves her. It really does come as close to solving the problem as you can get. But the solutions come with problems. Brad clearly was on board with the idea of this many children, but in reality it means growing up. Capricorn Moon alarm. I know. I’m a broken record on this, but isn’t it interesting all the handsome, charming celebrity men with a Cap Moon (George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Johnny Depp). And as I predicted Amber Heard took Johnny Depp down. Will this happen to Brad? Has Angelina fired the first round?

Probably. Remember he picked her so she could do this. Unconsciously, of course. But Jennifer Aniston wasn’t up to the task. So she had to go. Why do they want to be brought down? It’s something to do with the mother and I’ve never gotten it entirely clear myself. It’s always difficult for me to understand people that sabotage themselves. But surprisingly, we all do it a little. Probably has to do with not fundamentally not liking ourselves.

And here are the aspects they are dealing with. And the real reason this is happening now. Angelina has her predictive Sun conjoining her predictive Saturn and square her predictive Jupiter. So Saturn is making her want to be a more responsible adult. She has been advocating at the United Nations. And Jupiter makes her want to cut down on the indulgence of it all — the movie star stuff that she has always been a little suspicious of since it caused her father to leave her hallowed mother. So watching Brad be a child annoys her. And it’s not really his Sagittarius Sun. He has a pot full of Capricorn planets. As ambitious as they are, the opposite, of course would be true. They can be their own worst enemy. He has Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars in in Capricorn. That’s all of his personal planets except his Sun. So Brad is undeniably quirky cranky (and coming from the midwest) chauvinistic.

Brad currently has his predictive Mars sitting on his natal Saturn. Almost the same aspect as Angie. But his reaction to it is entirely different. Apparently according to Page Six, there’s another woman, Russian hookers (of course, otherwise it’s not a party) and hard drugs. He wants to make movies. She wants to save the world. Really, she just wants him to behave himself.

Brad’s aspects are passing. Angie will get rid of the Sun conjunction in 3/4 of a year. And the square? Year and a 1/2? Which strangely is good. He’ll start to realize what he’s given up quicker because his life and emotions will straighten up. She is still in the mad stage. These aren’t really divorce aspects. These are mid-life crisis aspects. They could easily get back together when they see the other with someone else. Neither of them have a ton of it, jealousy, but, seriously, they’re human.

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