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It was announced today that Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne formerly of the band, Black Sabbath are getting a divorce. Sharon, are you kidding? I mean about staying. Not going. This guy isn’t just dark, he’s really really dark. I’ll tell you why.

Ozzie is a Sagittarius. I like that, because I am, too. But he has Scorpio rising. Not my favorite. And, anything Scorpio can be dark, obsessive, almost possessed. But especially in a rising sign because the negative traits of a sign tend to come out there. Then there is his Capricorn Moon. This is a debilitated Moon always. His is conjuncted by Jupiter and Mars. So it’s also a complicated Moon. All these planets are squared by Neptune meaning the truth is how is sees it. He has no problem lying — just doesn’t care — sees the truth as flexible. For a Sadge, this is unusual. But my guess is that part comes out in how he talks (his Mercury is there also). He is probably brutally honest when he feels like it. And this Neptune squaring these planets also accounts for his liberal drug use. Everything about Ozzie says that he will take the good wholesome traits of Sagittarius and bend them to his will. His Venus is also in Scorpio as is Sharon’s. Trust me. The sex was great. So overall, this is the portrait of a bad boy. And, we know, women like them. And I’m as susceptible as the next person. But why? These guys are a disaster long term.

Sharon is a Libra with Mercury, Saturn and Neptune conjunct. So that Neptune/Sun thing, again, gives her Pisces traits as well as Gemini and Capricorn. But it’s the Pisces I’m interested in. She tends to overlook, like Ozzie, what she doesn’t want to see. Her Moon is in Cancer (in its rulership) so that accounts for her being the glue that keeps this family together. With Venus in Scorpio, the darkness is a temptation and Mars in Sagittarius matches his Sagittarius. There are connections between them. I get it. But here’s what I don’t get. He’s taken her round the bend. He’s impossible. What Sharon has put up with is legendary. She’s beaten herself up every way possible.

And now we come to the divorce. Maybe? Really? Ozzie has the very interesting predictive Venus at the apex of his Nodes which are always karmic. So whatever happens, it was meant to be. Perhaps, his great luck has run out. Because one thing about these dark, Satanic people, they end badly. Every time. You can’t outrun the Universe. And very often the end is lonely. He is also heading for predictive Mercury square his natal Venus. Sooooo, if he exits Sharon’s sphere of influence, his reputation will suffer.

Sharon is leaving predictive Mars square Venus. I went through this one and it was very painful. All Mars aspects are. But this is over, and it is absolutely no doubt what prompted this talk about divorce. You can see by the fact she waiting until the end of the cycle that she can handle a lot of stress. Her new aspect is predictive Mercury sextile predictive Venus. Is she is love with someone else? Or will she be in the future? Sharon, if you leave him now, you will find love again. I’m praying she has the courage to do this. She’s been through enough. He has never really appreciated her for the stability she added to his life. He’s incapable of being that grateful. It’s just not the Scorpion’s nature.

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UPDATE: From PEOPLE Magazine, “Well Michelle Pugh, who gushed about how wonderful Ozzy was to her, told People that she was with him for four years. When we first heard about this affair (because Ozzy’s wife Sharon and their daughter, Kelly, told the press, outed the mistress, tweeted her phone number and got her fired from her job) it sounded like it had just started. Guess not.”

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