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The gossip magazines and sites are all over #JenniferGarner and #BenAffleck and the state of their marriage. What does #Xtrology think?

In astrology, Ben’s a Leo. Jen’s an Aries. Both fire signs. Okay. But I wasn’t expecting this. Both have Cancer rising — which is good and bad. Good because they both have it. Bad because Cancer rising is the most complaining, unhappy rising sign ever. Remember that the rising sign tends to blow up the negative qualities of the sign.

Jen has a Mars/Venus conjunction which is the same thing as Mars in Libra (because Venus is Libra’s ruler) and overall isn’t the happiest person in relationships in general. These people run hot and cold. And there are two more signs in Gemini (creating a stellium) the Moon and Saturn which also gives her the equivalent of a Capricorn Moon (because Saturn rules Capricorn). And her Cancer rising squares her Sun — which gives yet another push/pull aura to her personality. You can’t tell it by looking at her, but she’s a pill.

So Ben with his focal planet, Mars, wants things his own way. And with a Scorpio Moon, well, now you have two people with the worst two Moons — Moon in Capricorn in its detriment and Moon in Scorpio in its fall. All the characteristics associated with these two signs do not work for the Moon. They’re there but in a bad way. I’m thinking “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” for real.

Currently Jen has predictive Venus (love) square (the worst) natal Mercury (her reputation). She’s totally not happy with this situation but doesn’t want her reputation besmirched. And she has her predictive Sun conjunct predictive Saturn. She’s feeling completely restricted by a relationship that she has always had mixed feelings about — just in general. She’s in a sort of personal prison, and she’s hating it.

Ben, by his career victories of late, we know is not in negative aspects. He just doesn’t like being told what to do. He is tired of trying to placate Jen. People think he just does what he wants, but in fact, he does try. She’s very hard to please. Ben also has his predictive Venus about to conjunct his Sun in the very near future.

So here’s my advice to Jen. If you want to keep this guy, back down. That Venus (love) aspect coming up can be someone else. This is when people too quickly assume it’s the other person that’s causing their unhappiness. Sweet Jen is not all that sweet. Not when you have to live with her. Ben’s no picnic, but, I swear, he’s trying.

They may break up, because they aren’t the easiest people to live with. Neither of them is great at relationships. But I don’t think they should. Remember the marriage counseling in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Uh huh. Before they blow the house down.

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