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It happens October 8th, 2014 at 15 degrees Aries 7 minutes. That may sound a little technical, but it’s important because the eclipse only affects people with planets in Libra or Aries within four degrees of fifteen degrees — that is Libra between 11 and 19 degrees and Aries between 11 and 19 degrees. Some astrologers believe it can also square you which would be planets in the sign of Cancer and Capricorn between those degrees. I haven’t decided if squares work, but I wouldn’t rule them out.

You may remember the Grand Cardinal square that we’ve dealt with over the last two years. It was focused on those same degrees and those are the Cardinal signs. So if you were affected by the Grand Cardinal Square, this eclipse could also be hitting you.

It is interesting to note that Uranus on October 8th is 14 degrees Aries 31 minutes so the eclipse is right on top of Uranus. That will add a dimension of difficulty. Eclipses eclipse or take something away. And Uranus is not so shabby at doing that itself. You who are affected may face a minor crisis. Because the eclipse is a function of the Moon and the Moon is the weakest planet in astrology, the event that takes place in your life could be upsetting but should not be life altering. Inconvenience is a definite possibility.

If the eclipse falls on one of these planets in your chart what areas might be affected:

Sun, yourself,  father,  children
Moon, home, feelings, mother, women in general
Mercury, communication, brother & sisters, short travel
Venus, people you love,  beauty, can be money
Mars, cars, violence, guns, energy
Jupiter, money, excess, the law
Saturn, father, people in authority, work, health
Uranus, the Internet, anything electrical, sudden events, nerves
Neptune, drugs, deception, bodies of water
Pluto, people in power, surgery, other people’s money, your unconscious

The house (if you have the time of birth) the eclipse falls in is also important. If it’s in the:

1st, yourself, your body
2nd, money, things you value
3rd, communication, short trips, brothers or sisters
4th, home, family, mother
5th, children, creative projects, gambling
6th, health, work, small animals
7th, relationships, partnerships
8th, other people’s money, psychic experiences, surgery, death
9th, higher education, foreigners, foreign travel, religion
10th, career, the government, father
1th, friends, important people, wishes & dreams
12th, hospitals, prisons, karma, behind the scenes

Let me know if you have any good stories about how the eclipse worked in your chart. For private consultations, contact And please visit Xtrology on Facebook and Twitter.

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