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It’s just been announced song bird Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are getting a divorce. They’re been married since 2008 and have fraternal twins, Moroccan and Monroe. The gossip says that Mariah is over Nick’s many entertainment gigs that take him away from the family — when money is not much of a point due to her vast wealth.

Mariah is being a complete bitch. She’s an Aries, childish and insecure, with Mercury and Venus there. No focal planets. Moon in forthright Sagittarius. Mars in determined Taurus. Nick is a laid back Libra with Moon conjunct. It is most likely that Mariah’s Cancer rising (assuming I have the correct date and apparently there are mixed reports) is causing Nick to grate on her nerves. Square energy (90 degrees) does that. Sun to Sun they are fine, but other things in a chart can cause descent.

But here’s the rub. Nick’s astrology chart is taking off.  He has good naturedly put up with a lot of criticism regarding his much more successful wife, but tides do turn. This is an example of that. Mariah is wickedly close to being an old hag and Nick’s career is taking flight. A word to Mariah. He’s a valuable asset. Don’t push him away right now or do so at your own peril.

Mariah has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Mars. She’s cranky. Nick has out-of-sign Jupiter conjunct his Saturn for another 3 years — career zooming.  Also Venus conjunct his Sun. He’s in love with someone. I surmise it might not be Mariah due to her current harsh temperament. And his predictive Mars is conjunct Neptune so he’s fast and loose with the truth due to his passive/aggressive (Libra) nature and lack of skill dealing with anger.

Yes, they’re getting a divorce. It’s a mistake for Mariah. Money does not buy you happiness. Your man being successful?  Oh yeah.

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UPDATE:  “Nick Cannon is the one who decided to bail on his marriage — not Mariah — sources connected with the couple tell TMZ. Nick has made it clear to all involved … he’s deeply concerned about Mariah’s emotional state and is ending the marriage for the well being of their kids. He believes the environment around Mariah is toxic and fears for his kids.” This is just a bad aspect. But when it’s happening to you, you feel like the whole world is against you. And sometimes you’re right. Spiritual people handle it better than others and people that have me as their astrologer, of course! Read more:

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