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Not that she’s going to ask. She’s already married to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. When should you have an astrology chart done? When you’re getting married. To avoid this.

Gisele is a Cancer Sun — one of the more difficult Sun signs since it’s a sensitive water sign — and to me the most sensitive. Her Mercury is there also. The Moon is in its detriment in Scorpio. This is an exasperating Moon. It has the qualities of Pluto which to name a few are jealousy, revenge, anger, control, sexual issues. In general these people can be demanding and stubborn due to the fixity of the sign — a challenge. Her Moon is conjunct Uranus adding the characteristics of Aquarius which could soften it or bring out the rush-to-judgment qualities. Her Mars is in it’s detriment in the passive/aggressive sign of Libra conjunct Pluto — adding more Scorpio qualities (Pluto’s sign). And it’s square (90 degrees and unfavorable) to her Cancer planets. Pluto square your Sun is all about control as is Scorpio in general. Her Venus is in Gemini, a cold placement, and not extremely trusting. Then there is the rising sign in the super strict and restrictive sign of Capricorn.

No fire in this chart. So where is the fun?

Tom Brady is a Leo (a fire sign) with his Moon in Aries (a fire sign). His first focal planet is Mercury which most often plays out as verbal abuse. The second is Venus which is feelings of not being lovable or appreciated and often attracting a partner with incompatible values. It’s a craving for peace and harmony without the ability to secure it.

Rumor has it that Tom Brady is tired of all Gisele’s demands — including (are you ready) a list of chores. And I’m sure that she is that person — not sure about the list. Currently her predictive Venus is sitting on her Mercury. She’s in love. And coming up around the holidays is a Jupiter aspect predictive Venus trine predictive Jupiter.

But Tom’s chart tells a much different story. He has had a pretty easy life with a lot of Jupiter aspects including one when he married Gisele. But a super negative aspect is just beginning which is predictive Mars square natal Moon. You don’t have to be an angry person to find yourself upset when this happens. It will bring out all of the irritations you have pushed aside. Maximum crankiness.

Relationships aren’t destined to fall apart when negative aspects strike. But the ones that are not on a firm foundation will. This will be interesting to watch. Already they are selling their $50 million house in L.A. to live in Boston. Is that the beginning of the end? It’s a likely scenario. However, we will see Gisele survive with her lucky Jupiter period on its way.

So are some people born super stars or are they just born with a lot of beneficial Jupiter? I vote for the second. They’re really not different than you and me — just way luckier.

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UPDATE:  “I like attention from her, so when I’m not getting it, I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would.” MAN OF THE WORLD

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