Astrological accuracy is Xtrology. If you have doubted me, this should make you a believer. Psy, the Korean Wunderkind, has almost 800 million You Tube hits and 3 million plus Facebook hits. And there is an explanation. Read it here.

He’s a Capricorn (ambitious) with Venus (wants a successful partner) conjunct. His Moon is in Virgo (exacting) and his Mars is in Leo (entertainment). Mercury in Sagittarius gives him a truthful voice. The two focal planets tell us he is extremely sensitive (Moon) and Saturn (ambition). Nothing so incredibly special about this.

However, two of his planets are at critical degrees:  Jupiter 29 (degrees) Gemini 59 (minutes) and Saturn 9 Virgo 12 Rx. Critical degrees are the 1st and last degree (astrology starts at 0 and ends at 29). Saturn continued to retrograde from Virgo to Leo — where now it can make aspects (since it’s no longer in its natal sign). And, drum roll, Saturn sextiled natal Jupiter — starting at the age of 6 and continuing until 2045. If you’re counting, that’s 62 years he will experience the most powerful energy the Universe has to offer. (Due to the fact I don’t have his time of birth, this could be slightly off — very slightly.)

Psy will be famous and he’ll make boatloads of money. But he also has a voice that can change the world. This is a blessing of extraordinary power and importance. You, his fans, need to make him aware of this. Through him, you have power, too.

For private consultations, please contact Thanks to Elaine Puma, the hippest social media chick on the scene, for this hot tip. You can find her and Xtrology on Facebook.

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