On the eve of  THE TWILIGHT SAGA movie BREAKING DAWN PART II, aren’t we all wondering if Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are really a couple? Do they have what it takes to get past a momentary discretion by Stewart?

Kirsten is an Aries girl who was brought up around show business. She’s a smart little cookie with a lot of drive. But there is a fatal flaw? Isn’t there always? She has way too many focal planets (two planets oppose and the focal planet squares both) — actually seven!!! That’s way too many to manage. A focal planet gives you a negative area in your life that you need to fulfill. Two, even three, can be motivating. But seven creates way too many things that need to be fixed to feel calm and happy.

Robert Pattinson is a Taurus with Moon in Cancer and Cancer rising. He’s a caring, feeling person. With one focal planet, Jupiter, it is not surprising to see him in involved with a cult-like movie. Jupiter focal planets do that.

Both Stewart and Pattinson have their fame (and a ton of money) due to positive Jupiter aspects — hers predictive Mars trine Jupiter and his predictive Venus trine Jupiter although his is currently over.

When I want to know how well a couple fits together I use the basic rules found in THE ASTROLOGY OF HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker. I look for planets in one chart falling on planets (any planets) in the other chart. Stewart and Pattinson only have a Mercury connection as both theirs are in Taurus. They both talk like Taurus. Then you look to see if her planets fall into the 5th House of Romance, The 7th House of Partnerships or the 8th House of Sex (and the same with his). Her Mars falls in his 8th House and his Mars falls in her 8th House. They can talk and understand each other and sex would be good. Overall not enough to sustain a relationship. Great for a short time — not enough to go the distance.

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