Let’s compare the chart of Kate Middleton, soon to be the wife of Prince William, and Princess Diana.

Diana was a Cancer girl with all the baggage that comes with that. It’s hard to be a water sign — too sensitive. Her Mercury is also there — nothing unusual about that except she communicates like a Cancer with emotion especially regarding family. Her Moon is in Aquarius which gives her a little balance and is in the humanitarian spot. Venus is in Taurus, it’s rulership, so she had to ability to care about others — maybe too much so. And her Mars is in Virgo, a very demanding Mars with Pluto conjunct it, power is important to her. She wanted to have more power so she married a prince. Diana’s happiness came almost exclusively from her children.

Here’s what brought her down:  five focal planets in a Grand Fixed Square. There are relative rare. It’s all the fixed signs squaring each other, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius creating five focal planets since two planets are in Aquarius. It’s Charlie Sheen crazy since it’s difficult to fix all the needs of these people. And if they are ignored? You can see what would happen. Diana said that no one ever noticed what she did right. That’s all it would take to make this person act out. She needed vast amounts of attention and she wasn’t getting it from her family or her husband. She was one unhappy cookie. And with Sagittarius rising, she was going to let the world know the truth. She was a time bomb. And any good astrologer could have warned the Royal Family.

Kate, on the other hand, is a Capricorn known for their reserve.  Her Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius. So like Diana, she may be very involved with charities, and they may give her great pleasure. Her Moon is in Cancer (Diana’s Sun and Mercury) so she’s also Cancer sensitive. For this job, a tougher Moon would be better. Her Mars is in Libra, the passive/aggressive placement, conjunct her Pluto and Saturn. Mars conjunct Pluto is also in Princess Diana’s chart. These people can get angry. How they express it will be different. Diana will get moody and then get blunt. Kate will hold it in and think of a way to punish the people who wronged her. She’s more subtle. But the point is they both want power and they both get pissed off when it doesn’t go their way.

Kate has three cardinal focal planets so she’s not certifiably nuts. Her focal Saturn makes her ambitious to the exclusion of doing what’s best for her. Her focal Mars gives her vast amounts of energy. She is a force to be reckoned with. And her Pluto focal planet makes her very invested in what is right and wrong. Surprise for the Royal Family. She could be more trouble than Diana. It was just too easy to dismiss Diana as unstable. But with Kate, she will keep her head high and look for ways she can get away with behaving badly. Bottom line, she will also be an unhappy wife, but with her natal Sun in the 10th House, status is also important to her — maybe enough to keep the marriage afloat. She also has a lot of 7th House planets so being in a relationship is part of her happiness.

Money and status must mean everything to you to take on this job. With Kate, it just might mean that.

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