This is a man in pain. John Travolta lost his child at a time astrology might have thought he would lose his life. That’s because his chart has death aspects. So, we must assume that losing his child was a fate worse than death. And what now?

John is an Aquarius with his Venus exalted in Pisces (very loving position). When Pluto moved into Capricorn (after its 13 year stay in Sagittarius), it conjuncted his progressed Mars. This is a very destructive aspect because these planets are both malefic causing the energy of the planets to express negatively — ┬áPluto being death or resurrection and Mars, anger or violence. And both being squared by progressed Mercury (communications) from the 9th House of Foreign Countries. I would deduct some kind of mis-communication was at work when his son died.

Also his progressed lunar nodes are conjunct and opposition (nodes are south and north and they are always in exact opposition) the accident planet, Uranus. Nodes show that this was karmic or fated and that no amount of communication could have changed the result.

And by the way, Pluto and progressed Mars are in the 5th House of Children.

Coming up for John is yet another difficult aspect. His progressed Sun is going to oppose progressed Neptune. So pray for John. This is a very difficult time in his life. That Neptune aspect is going to make him very disillusioned by all the gifts the universe has granted him.

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